London Outage 06/03/2018 – Resolved

10:55 We re currently experiencing a network outage in London. We are investigating and will provide updates. 11:00 Traffic has restored to effected services. An upstream network link experienced a failure and traffic rerouted around this failure and service has restored.

London Outage 25/02/2017 Resolved

10:00 We are currently experiencing a service outage in London and are investigating. Updates to follow. 10:30 We have opened a remote support case with the hosting provider to investigate a suspected power fault to our equipment. 11:45 We have initialised DR procedures to restore services in an alternative Data Centre. Updates to follow 13:00…

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London Emergency Maintenance 07/01/2018

We have been informed by our upstream network provider that they will be performing emergency network maintenance on their core routing platform. They will be loading a software patch that will mitigate the “stuck routing announcement” issue they are experiencing when they have an outage. In an attempt to minimise disruption to our customers, we…

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US Software update 01/29/2018

We will be performing a minor software update across the US. This will affect all Aggregation Servers. Date: 01/29/2018 Time: 11:00 GMT Duration: 1Hr Impact: less than 30 seconds downtime while the aggregation server restarts.

Emergency Maintenance New York 01/25/2018

We have been informed that there is emergency power work being performed by our hosting provider in New York. This emergency work will disrupt Sharedband services for approximately 30min. We apologise for any inconvenience. Date: 01/25/2018 Time: 01:30 Duration: 30min Impact: All Sharedband services in New York will be down.

New York Outage 01/23/2018

16:39 EST The data centre that hosts our equipment in New York are currently experiencing power problems affecting various services on their network. This is impacting all Sharedband customers connecting to New York. We are waiting for an ETA on when the power will be restored. More updates to follow. 18:00 EST The hosting provider…

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Sharedband Outage London 18/01/2018 – Preliminary Incident Report

17:30 We are currently experiencing a service disruption affecting all services in London. We are investigating and will provide updates as soon as we can. 18:00 Our upstream network provider is experiencing a network outage. The effects of this outage are causing our network ip addresses to be advertised from their network, even though they…

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Emergency Maintenance London 04/01/2018 Completed

We will be making some changes to the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol in order to improve the network stability. Date: 04/01/2018 Time: 01:00 Durating: 2 hours Impact: There will be disruption to service while the network redundancy reconfiguration is applied.