Router software upgrade rollout 24/02/2020

We will be rolling out a minor software update to all customer routers over a period of a month between the hours of 11PM and 1AM each night. Date: 24th of February 2020 to the 21st of March 2020 Time: 23:00 Duration: 2 hours Services affected: All customers that have not previously received this upgrade through…

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Maintenance affecting all services 15/10/2019 – Completed

We will be performing network security maintenance on all hardware. As part of the maintenance all services will need to be restarted. Date: 15/10/2019 Time: 22:00 Duration: 1 hour Impact: Customer routers will disconnect and reconnect to the service momentarily when the Aggregation servers are restarted. This disruption will be for less than a minute.

Intermittent Network Connectivity affecting all service 22/09/2019

10:00 We are currently investigating intermittent network connectivity problems in the London Data centre. This is affecting all services. We have notified our collocation provider and engineers are investigating. Updates to follow. 10:30 Our Collocation provider has reported that an upstream network provider was experiencing a network link failure this morning and this momentarily impacted…

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Maintenance affecting AS2 London 28/05/2019

We will be performing system maintenance on AS2 on the evening of the 28th May. Date: 28/05/2019 Time: 22:00 Duration: 30 minutes Impact: customers will experience a brief disconnect of no more than a minute as routers reconnect to the service.