Sharedband Outage London 18/01/2018 – Preliminary Incident Report

17:30 We are currently experiencing a service disruption affecting all services in London. We are investigating and will provide updates as soon as we can. 18:00 Our upstream network provider is experiencing a network outage. The effects of this outage are causing our network ip addresses to be advertised from their network, even though they…

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Emergency Maintenance London 04/01/2018 Completed

We will be making some changes to the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol in order to improve the network stability. Date: 04/01/2018 Time: 01:00 Durating: 2 hours Impact: There will be disruption to service while the network redundancy reconfiguration is applied.

Intermittent service issues in London 03/01/2018

12:40 We are currently experiencing network connectivity issues in London and are investigating Updates to follow. 13:00 All services have stabilised. This appears to be a reoccurrence of an earlier outage. We are investigating steps to mitigate and possible software bugs.

London Service Outage 03/01/2018

Sharedband experienced a brief outage between 00:13 and 00:15. All services were affected. Investigation into the outage shows that there was a Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) communication mismatch between our routers. This appears to be an isolated event however we will investigate to see if there are any known bugs and ways to mitigate…

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AS6 Maintenance 13/12/2017 – Complete

We will be performing routine maintenance on AS6. Date: 13/12/2017 Time: 23:00 Duration: 30 minutes Impact: There will be a service interruption of under 1 minute while aggregation service is restarted. Services affected: AS6

London Maintenance 07/12/2017 – Completed

We will be performing routine maintenance on AS1 through 17, NOC and UKNOC. Date: 07/12/2017 Time: 01:00 Duration: 2 hours Impact: There will be a service interruption of under 1 minute while aggregation services are restarted. Services affected: AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, AS5, AS6, AS7, AS8, AS9, AS10, AS11, AS12, AS13, AS14L1, AS15L1, AS16, AS17, NOC,…

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AS1 Issue 03/12/2017 – Updated

Our AS1 aggregation service experienced an issue and became unresponsive at 19:30 on Sunday the 3rd of December 2017. The service has now been restored and we are investigating the reason behind the failure. An incident report will be provided here as soon as we have determined the exact source of the problem.   Incident Report

AS1 Emergency Maintenance 30/11/2017 – Completed

AS1 needs to be restarted as a precautionary measure. This is a preemptive measure as our monitoring has alerted to a potential disk failure. Date: 30/11/2017 Time:19:00 Duration: 2 mintes Impact: customers may experience a momentary disconnect while the Aggregation server restarts.

Sharedband Portal Update 1.1.1 23/11/2017 – Completed

We will be installing a patch to the Sharedband Portal this evening at 22:00. This patch fixes the following: ‘Open in new window’ button in Portal’s account screen is non-functional Re-introduce community status synchronisation between the Portal and the NOC. Time: 22:00 Duration: 30min Impact: This will be a non-impacting change. Account changes will not…

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