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London AS16 Service Maintenance – 22/06/2020 – Complete

We will be performing a short maintenance on our London AS16 service at 23:00 on June 22nd 2020. This will cause approximately 30 seconds of service disruption to customers connected to this service. Date: 22/06/2020 Time: 23:00 Duration: 15min Services impacted: London AS16 Impact: Customers will experience a short disruption to service as the routers reconnect…

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Service Issues – 18/06/2020 – Resolved

Update 22/06/2020: Our upstream providers have provided us with a complete RFO. This service outage was caused by the same breaker at our London data centre failing as the outage on the 12th of June. Our upstream provider proceeded to change this breaker during the downtime to prevent future issues instead of waiting for the…

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Service Issues – 12/06/2020 – Resolved

04:12 – We are currently experiencing service impacting issues at our London data centre. This is currently being investigated, updates to come as our engineers are able to provide them. 04:25 – We have escalated this with our upstream peering providers and are investigating with their assistance. 04:33 – This outage appears to be affecting several core…

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