Service Issues – 12/06/2020 – Resolved

04:12 – We are currently experiencing service impacting issues at our London data centre. This is currently being investigated, updates to come as our engineers are able to provide them.

04:25 – We have escalated this with our upstream peering providers and are investigating with their assistance.

04:33 – This outage appears to be affecting several core circuits in London including ours.

05:15 – Our upstream peering providers have confirmed a major outage on their side and are investigating alongside ourselves.

05:38 – The upstream issue has been identified and resolved. Service is now restored. We will provide a further update once we have completed root cause analysis.

06:04 – A power outage occurred at our primary London facility, this outage affected all of our available power feeds including our power redundancies. We will be speaking to our partners to ascertain what remedial work needs to be done to prevent future outages of this type.