Sharedband Software Licensee

The Sharedband software license option is ideal for service providers who wish to operate a branded managed broadband bonding service over their own server and network infrastructure.  We offer a license fee model that keeps the initial entry-fee low by charging an additional small incremental license fee on each line. i.e., Sharedband is only successful if you are successful and our subscription orientated service based on revenue sharing creates a fast Return on Investment.

In addition to the low software license fees, the service requires no changes to a Service Provider’s underlying infrastructure and the hardware costs are minimized with the use of standard equipment.  The service platform and the service are simple to install, activate and support.

Implementation of the broadband bonding service complements other high bandwidth products an internet Service Provider is installing:

  • Enables the ISP to provide faster speeds both downstream and upstream to customers without any upgrade to the existing infrastructure
  • Immediate competitive offering against other faster broadband services retains customers and allows for additional revenue per account through the up sell of additional applications