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Service Outage London 17/10/2017

Further to the notification of the Portal outage, a second incident related to the first occurred which created a much larger impact to the network. At 14:36 one of the two routers in the London DC crashed and did not recover. Traffic re-routed via the other router and apart from the Portal, service was unaffected.…

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Sharedband Portal unavailable 17/10/2017

14:50  We are currently experiencing a hardware failure which is impacting the Sharedband Portal. We are working to restore service as soon as possible. Update 16:30: We have still have a failed router in London. Portal services are still unavailable.

DNS Outage affecting UK Service 03/10/2017

We experienced a disruption to UK service between 00:03 and 00:11. The cause of the disruption was due to a temporary link failure at the London Internet Exchange. This failed link disrupted traffic to the DNS service which Sharedband makes use of. Customers would have experienced no data transfer during this period. We apologies for…

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Network incident in London 27/09/2017

13:06 We are experiencing problematic network connectivity with an internal router in London. Traffic is rerouting via alternate network paths. This may cause some intermittent connectivity for some customers. We are attending to the problem. Updates to follow. 13:26 One of our internal routers experienced a high CPU incident which caused routing protocol adjacencies to…

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Intermittent problems with Telephone system 26/09/2017

Our hosted PABX provider is currently experiencing problems with their platform. This is impacting all calls to Sharedband’s office.   We do not have an ETA as to when the problems will be resolved. For any support queries, please email support at

Emergency Maintenance US 21 September 2017 – Completed

We have encountered a software bug in our routing software which can intermittently reduce customer throughput. In order to mitigate the bug we will be applying a software update to our routers. Date: 21/09/2017 Time: 10:20UTC Duration: 1 hour Impact: short breaks in connectivity while the router reboots with the new software.

Upstream DNS resolution affecting UK

09:35 – We have detected that the upstream DNS service Sharedband make use of are currently experiencing problems. We are in the process of changing the DNS service that the Sharedband Aggregation servers make use of in order to work around the upstream problem. Updates to follow. 09:50 – We have successfully updated all DNS…

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Minor service disruption London 08/08/2017

We experienced a brief disruption to service in London due to a router crash. The router rebooted and traffic rerouted around the failed hardware while it was recovering. Date: 08/08/2017 Time: 19:02 Duration: 3 minutes Impact: Increased latency and packetloss while traffic rerouted around rebooting hardware.

Network Maintenance London 02/08/2017 – Completed

We will be performing network maintenance in London on the morning of the 2nd August. This work will improve network convergence during an outage. Date: 02/08/2017 Time: 02:00 Duration: 2 hours Impact: there will be short breaks in connectivity while network traffic routes via alternative network paths