AS6 Emergency Maintenance 25/04/2019 – Completed

We have received a software patch from Development to assist with the troubleshooting of the stability of AS6. This patch will be loaded this evening and testing will be performed to provide Development with more information. Date: 25/04/2019 Time: 22:00 Duration: 1 hour Impact: Customers will experience a a few short disruptions to service as…

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Maintenance affecting UK Aggregation Services 10/4/2019 Completed

We will be performing maintenance on the following Aggregation Services in the UK. AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, AS5, AS8, AS9, AS13, AS16, AS17 Date: 10/4/2019 Time: 22:00 Duration: 30min Impact: customers will experience a short break in connectivity while the service restarts. Disruption will be less than a minute.

New York Maintenance 4/8/2019 Completed

We will be performing network maintenance in New York on the 4th April at 18:00EDT. During this maintenance there will be a short disruption to service. Date: 4/8/2019 Time: 18:00EDT Duration: 30 minutes Impact: we expect a short break in connectivity for no longer than 10 minutes during the maintenance.

AS6 problematic 4/4/2019 – Resolved

08:50 We are aware that some customers on AS6 are experiencing connectivity issues. We are investigating and will provide updates. 09:05 Service restarted due to a stuck process consuming resources. Service has returned to normal.

AS8 problematic 19/03/2019 Resolved

We have detected intermitted problems with the AS8 service were some accounts were not able to connect. 09:05 – Alerting reported problems with AS8. Engineers start to investigate. 09:25 – AS8 is restarted and moved to new hardware. 09:30 – Service restored. 09:35 – Service is still problematic. Engineers are working to resolve connectivity 09:45…

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Maintenance affecting all UK Services 12/02/2019 and 13/02/2019

We will be conducting two service impacting maintenance events. The first is on the 12th February and the second is on the 13th February. Date: 12/02/2019 Time: 00:01 Duration: 3 Hours Impact: During the maintenance windows there will be short intervals of service disruption as services are migrated between server hardware.   Date: 13/02/2019 Time:…

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NOC Failure 29/01/2019 – Resolved

10:10 – We are currently experiencing a failure on NOC.SHAREDBAND.NET. Engineers are investigating and will restore service as soon as possible. This will impact all account management functionality for accounts hosted on NOC. 10:45 – NOC has been restored without impact to any service. All account functionality is now available.

Emergency Maintenance Atlanta 24/01/2019 – Completed

We have been informed by our networking provider that they will be performing emergency maintenance in Atlanta tomorrow morning. Date: 24/01/2019 Time: 02:00 EDT Duration: 1hr Impact: there will be a 20mim disruption to service during the maintenance.