POSTPONED-Disruptive Maintenance in London 06/04/2017

*This maintenance window will be postponed to a future date, possibly within the next two weeks. Updates to follow.*

As part of the ongoing investigation with our upstream Provider in London, Sharedband will be performing disruptive maintenance on the morning of the 6th April. This maintenance will allow both Sharedband and the Provider to troubleshoot the events that occurred on the 16th March and to find a fix for why Sharedband’s traffic did no reroute around the link failure.

Date: 06/04/2017

Time: 02:00UTC

Duration: 4 Hours

Details of work: The link between Sharedband and the Provider will be shut. BGP will timeout and engineers will then examine routing tables within their respective networks and neighbouring networks to find the cause for traffic to Sharedband not to reroute around the decommissioned link. Once the cause has been identified, engineers will correct configurations to ensure that traffic reroutes. The interface between Sharedband and the Provider will then be enabled again and traffic monitored. Once traffic volumes are stable and routes have propagated, the link between Sharedband and the Provider will be disabled again in order to confirm the corrected configurations are working. Once it’s confirmed that traffic has rerouted correctly, the link will be enabled again.

Impact: This maintenance will be disruptive and will impact all services hosted in London. While every attempt will be made to expedite the troubleshooting and resolve configurations, we expect the total downtime to last between 1 and 2 hours, with intermittent connectivity for the remainder of the maintenance window.