Sharedband Outage London 18/01/2018 – Preliminary Incident Report

17:30 We are currently experiencing a service disruption affecting all services in London. We are investigating and will provide updates as soon as we can.

18:00 Our upstream network provider is experiencing a network outage. The effects of this outage are causing our network ip addresses to be advertised from their network, even though they do not have a path to us. This is causing network traffic to be black-holed in their network. We have made them aware of the problem and are waiting for them to resolve.

18:10 Services have started restoring and we are monitoring the network

18:15 Traffic has restored. We are waiting for an incident report from our network provider as to what the root cause of the outage was and will work with them to improve Sharedband’s resilience to this type of outage.

Preliminary Incident report – 18-01-2018