Power incident London – cleared

13:10 We are aware of a power incident in London affecting some services. A PDU reset. Services are being restored. ETA 10 minutes. 13:20 PDU was reset and services restored.

Upstream Network Maintenance London 28/06/2018 – Completed

We have been informed that one of our upstream network connectivity providers will be performing network maintenance on the morning of the 27th June. During this maintenance, we will be moving traffic away from the affected circuit to prevent service disruption to our customers. Details of change: Date: 28/06/2018 Time: 03:00 BST Duration: 3 hours…

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London Incident 9/06/2018

20:45 We are currently experiencing connectivity issues affecting services in London. Engineers are investigating and will post updates as soon as we have more information. 21:05 Systems have restored and customer routers are coming online again. 21:10 Traffic levels have returned to normal and all services are operating as normal. An incident report will be…

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AS6 slow performance 31/05/2018 – Resolved

09:00 We are aware of slow performance on London AS6. We are investigating and will provide updates. 09:15 Aggregation Service has been restarted and error’s have cleared. Service performance has restored.

Power Maintenance affecting all services in London 15/05/2018 – Completed

At Sharedband we pride ourselves in offering a reliable and resilient service to our customers. During recent events, it has come to light that there is a problem with the power redundancy in our London data centre and we need to perform maintenance in order to correct this. Unfortunately, this maintenance work will be disruptive to all…

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Hardware Failure – Closed

The hardware failure was caused by a complete failure of one of our physical servers and services have been restored on backup hardware. The failed hardware will be replaced and backup hardware re-instated as such. 09:29AM – Network traffic has now returned to normal levels. 09:24AM – Services are restored and customer routers will now…

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Power Incident affecting London Service 10/4/2018 Incident Report added

15:30 We’re currently recovering from a power related incident in the London Data Centre. Services will be restored within a few minutes. Updates to follow. 15:50 All services have restored and we’re investing the events. We will provide an incident report for this outage within the next 24 hours. Incident report – 10-04-2018  

Sharedband 2.5 Router Firmware Rollout – Completed

We’re pleased to announce the release of v2.50 firmware for Sharedband routers. Commencing tomorrow, this firmware will begin to be remotely deployed to Sharedband routers throughout Sunday to Thursday between 23:00-00:00. No customer involvement is required and due to the volume of routers targeted for this upgrade, it will be rolled out in a staggered…

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US NOC update 03/22/2018 – Completed

The US NOC will have a Sharedband software update applied. As part of the update, the Aggregation servers in all regions need to be restarted. Date: 03/22/2018 Time: 10:00GMT Duration: 30 minutes Impact: customers will experience a short interruption of service no more than 10 seconds while the Aggregation servers restart.