Service Issues – 30/08/2020 – Closed

Update 2 – RFO:

A bad BGP Flowspec update was propagated by CenturyLink during a routine BGP update that caused all BGP routes to be dropped over their network. This effectively put the entire CenturyLink network into a loop as their routers rebooted into running-config and then proceeded to re-apply the bad Flowspec rule. CenturyLink is a major Internet backbone provider and their outage caused routing issues with other Tier 1 operators and had global impact.

Update: This partial service disruption was caused by a routing issue with one of our Tier 1 providers. We have routed around the service issue and all services are now restored.

We are aware of a service issue affecting certain circuits and IP destinations. This issue is caused by upstream routing disruption and is currently being investigated by our upstream service providers with support from our engineers.

We will provide an update as soon as we have further information.