By becoming a Sharedband Service Provider you can:

  • Increase ARPU and margins at minimal incremental cost
  • Deliver faster, scalable broadband services by selling customers additional connections
  • Meet your customers’ demands for faster connectivity in rural areas
  • Sell higher bandwidth applications
  • Differentiate your service offering from your competitors
  • Avoid costly changes to network infrastructure
  • Lower support costs through less customer down-time
  • Combine multiple wholesale access providers in a transparent way to customers
  • Protect leased line revenues by offering bonded T1/Leased Line / DSL service
  • Gain a way of accessing customers who already have Broadband from another provider, but need to enhance it by bonding other lines


  • First line support is provided by your staff
  • Second and third line support is provided by Sharedband through a 24 / 7 / 365 on-line ticketing system
  • An extensive range of documentation, support forums and FAQs minimizes support overhead

Sharedband have priced the service to require minimal up-front investment, and on-going fees are directly related to number of customers using the service.. The only Sharedband charges are:

  • Software licenses for 2 x Aggregation Servers, 1 x NOC| server NB Service provider provides own servers with Debian Linux
  • Flat wholesale pricing for the service, based upon number of lines, data transfer and number of IP addresses used
  • Routers. Sharedband will provide you with the firmware for flashing routers. You would procure your own routers though they can be provided from Sharedband where required.

What You Get
After signing up, you will receive:

  • 2 x Aggregation server software and 1 x NOC server software, which is Sharedband’s on-line webinterface and service management system. From here you can provision and manage customer accounts. Sharedband will upload the software directly to the servers provided by yourselves and set up the service.
  • Copies of Sharedband router software and instructions on how to up-load / configure the software
  • Access to Sharedband’s online ticketing system and training material
  • Training to include management of NOC and aggregation servers, creation and management of individual customer accounts and resellers, instructions on how to flash, configure and install routers