All payments taken by Sharedband Limited via credit card and / or Paypal are governed by the following:

  1. Your credit card number, start / expiry dates, name and verification numbers are not held by Sharedband Limited. Only Paypal holds this information
  2. Any recurring payments using Sharedband are automatically handled by Paypal until either you cancel via the Paypal portal, or we cancel. If a recurring payment cannot be processed your service may be suspended or cancelled. Re-establishment of your account may incur additional fees
  3. Any credit card payments taken via phone, email or other method will be processed however Sharedband Limited will not hold any information beyond that use
  4. If you wish to cancel your Sharedband subscription after the 3 month minimum subscription period has lapsed, please send an email to
  5. Please refer to the money back guarantee for details on how to cancel within the first 30 days of your service and obtain a full refund

If you have any questions please contact us at