Business Solutions

The world around us is increasingly putting greater demands on our connectivity to the internet – in many places the broadband services available haven’t kept up. This maybe because you’re trying to implement a data intensive solution such as SaaS or VoIP, or simply that you have too many users on too slow a connection. For many, fibre isn’t yet available, or if it is it’s still not quick enough for the demands of the business. Premium connectivity solutions such as Leased Lines are generally available, but often too costly.

Sharedband provides the faster, more reliable connectivity you require without the premium price. With Sharedband you can bond up to six broadband lines into one single connection giving you the combined upstream and downstream available. Even better news is that not only can these be from different ISP’s, but also different connection types therefore vastly reducing the chance of an outage. Our customers range from home users to large blue chip institutions – all of them rely on Sharedband to keep them connected.

Key Benefits

  • Highly cost effective – increase bandwidth, without significantly increasing spend
  • Scalable – your connectivity can grow with your business by simply adding new lines when you need them
  • Increase reliability – by having multiple lines you are no longer exposed to a failure of an individual line or router
  • Value Added – ability to utilise value added applications such as VoIP, SaaS and VPN which previously proved cost prohibitive
  • Available everywhere – no more waiting for fibre to become available
  • Failover – ability to fail over to 3G/4G/Satellite if required
  • Manageability – view your accounts in real-time to monitor performance from our web based portal
  • Support – Sharedband support team available 9am–5:30pm, Monday to Friday