About Us

Our patented technology is designed to radically improve the performance and resilience of Internet connections.

What is Sharedband

Faster Broadband

Sharedband increases your download and upload speeds, and also provides enhanced connectivity when working in multi-user environments. The resulting speed increase is comparable to solutions that cost 10 times more.

More Reliable

A connection with guaranteed uptime is not always cost effective. Sharedband bridges the gap between a typical DSL or cable connection and expensive leased lines. By combining two or more broadband lines we can not only provide faster speeds, but also means if one broadband line fails you will have a back up. This allows businesses to take advantage of greater uptime, and reliability while saving money in the process.

Expandable Solution

Adding multiple connections is not only cost-effective, it’s easy. Sharedband can adapt to the demands of your business with nominal additional hardware and incremental service costs. Sharedband can scale to increase capacity when the need arises, as well as scale back down to reduce costs.


Utilising existing connections and readily available, inexpensive hardware, Sharedband makes it easy for you to increase your internet connection’s speed, reliability and quality. Installation and activation takes minutes to complete.

What can Sharedband do for you?

Broadband bonding solutions for businesses


Use Sharedband in your business to increase the speed and reliability of your office broadband. Combine multiple low cost connections for a fraction of the cost of a Leased Line.

Business Services

Resell broadband bondiong solutions to your clients


Sell Sharedband to your customers who demand faster connectivity. Bridge the gap between standalone DSL and premium price solutions to retain and grow your customer base.

Reseller Services

License Sharedbands Patented broadband technology


Combine multiple connection types into one seamless broadband offering, all over your existing network architecture. Finally, you can reach those rural locations where fibre isn’t available.

ISP Services